Wedding Policies


The following policies are meant to lay out clear expectations between the bridal party and myself.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wedding Date and Time

Given the requirement for premarital counseling, couples should plan on at least 3-4 months from the time the couple begins premarital counseling with the pastor to the date of the wedding. This can be discussed with the pastor during the initial meeting.

Weddings will not be preformed during the weeks of Easter or Christmas. Local weddings will not be performed on Sunday afternoon.

Date, time, and location for the wedding need to be discussed with me prior to final decisions being made. Any changes to date, time, or location must be discussed with me before they are made.

Destination Weddings

Any wedding preformed within Palm Beach County is considered a local wedding. Weddings performed outside of Palm Beach County are destination weddings. If I agree to perform a destination wedding it is with the understanding that the couple will pay for all necessary travel expenses (air fare, rental car, gas, etc.) and any hotel costs.

Please understand that destination weddings place a greater burden on ministers and their families.


The fee for performing your ceremony is $300. This fee includes your pre-marital counseling time, the planning of the wedding, the wedding rehearsal, your wedding day, and all the preparation that is required for each of these. This fee is separate from any facility fees required by the church.


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