Cultivating a Grace Filled Marriage

Marriage Logo w Background

Below you will find the seven-part sermon series I preached on Cultivating a Grace Filled Marriage in 2013.  Alongside of each sermon you will find a study guide to help you think and apply the sermon (available in both word and .pdf).  Additionally, some sermons have a blog post I wrote to work out some of the implications of what I was saying.

If you are using this material for pre-marital or marriage counseling with me please print and fill out each study guide in preparation for our meetings.


Week 1: The Dream of Marriage

Sermon Audio

Wk 1: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 1: Study Guide (Word)

Article: “Pursuing the Glory Self of Another”

Week 2: Conflict in Marriage

Sermon Audio

Wk 2: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 2: Study Guide (Word)

Article: “Peace-Faking, Peace-Breaking, Peace-Making and Relationships”

Week 3: Forgiveness in Marriage

Sermon Audio

Wk 3: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 3: Study Guide (Word)

Article: “Colossians 3 and Marriage”

Article: “Heart Forgiveness vs. Extended Forgiveness”

Week 4: The Husband’s Ministry to his Wife

Sermon Audio

Wk 4: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 4: Study Guide (Word)

Week 5: The Wife’s Ministry to her Husband

Sermon Audio

Wk 5: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 5: Study Guide (Word)

Week 6: Divorce

Sermon Audio

Wk 6: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 6: Study Guide (Word)

Week 7: The Power of Marriage

Sermon Audio

Wk 7: Study Guide (pdf)       Wk 7: Study Guide (Word)


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